Video Performance application form

Short about Video Performance

By Amir Rad


Video Performance (related to video art and performance art) is an intermedia art form. It is an expansion of a video art in the sense that it includes the performance. The main difference with a performance art is that a Video Performance is not live neither is site-specific; The performance art has the real time element, which gives the visiting public the possibility to explore the development of process. A work of art (video includes a performance) is a Video Performance only if it can make a dialog with non-attending audience in predefined time.



Please note:

      • Video file must not exceed 2 Gigabytes.
      • Video performances must not exceed 15 minutes in duration.
      • Accepted formats are:
        mp4. , mpeg.
      • Videos must be in HD quality (1920×1080).
      • Artist/group can submit one artwork per section.
      • Make sure the file has the proper format of “(your name/group name)-(name of artwork).mp4/mpeg”
              Example: Martha-Hannay-Sunset.mp4
      • Please upload your video performance here.
      •      Put your name/group name in the message field.
      •      Copy the download link you get after uploading.
      •      provide us with the download link when you are filling in the application form.


Please note:
Violence, sexual content, nudity and racial discrimination are not allowed.


There is no submission fee.


Deadline: May 5th, 2017


Members of Jury:

Elias Aminian, Aliakbar Firoozjang, Amir Rad, Mehdi Sadr, Enrico Tomaselli



The call for the First International Festival of Radical Performance is closed.