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Short about Cyberformance

Source: Wikipedia


Cyberformance refers to live theatrical performances in which remote participants are enabled to work together in real time through the medium of the internet, employing technologies such as chat applications or purpose-built, multiuser, real-time collaborative software (for example, UpStage, Visitors Studio, the Waterwheel Tap, MOOs, and other platforms). Cyberformance is also known as online performance, networked performance, telematic performance, and digital theatre; there is as yet no consensus on which term should be preferred, but cyberformance has the advantage of compactness. For example, it is commonly employed by users of the UpStage platform to designate a special type of Performance art activity taking place in a cyber-artistic environment.

Cyberformance can be created and presented entirely online, for a distributed online audience who participate via internet-connected computers anywhere in the world.


Please note:

Artist/group can submit one artwork per section.


Please note:
Violence, sexual content, nudity and racial discrimination are not allowed.


Deadline: May 5th, 2017


There is no submission fee.


Members of Jury:

Elias Aminian, Sandra Bozic, Aliakbar Firoozjang, Reza Ghayour, Amir Rad



The call for the First International Festival of Radical Performance is closed.