“Golden Radical” Prize, Open call for the first international festival of “Radical Performance”

The first international festival of “Radical Performance” will be held in summer 2017 with the purpose of aggregating different types of performance.

According to the public relations of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the museum’s New Media Circle will hold the festival which will be organized in various sections based on interdisciplinary studies.

Amir Rad- the director of New Media Circle- said that there has been a growing interest in performances of different kinds among the artists but the experiences have been widely scattered.

“This festival is an opportunity to focus on the diverse points of view in the scope of performance and interdisciplinary studies like Alternative Performance , Performance Art, Video Performance (international) and Cyberformance (international), some of which have been introduced for the first time to Iranian art scene,” he added.

He also said the exact date of the festival will not be announced before selecting the final artworks but it will be some time around middle of summer. “The festival will not be centralized in one location and mostly carried out in places other than the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran.”

The public is welcome to participate and the works can be submitted online from 4 April 2017. “The application form will be available from Tuesday, 4 April 2017 and the applicants can send their application by Thursday, 4 May 2017. The submitted applications will be judged by the jury and the results will be consequently announced.”

Members of the jury, in alphabetical order, are as following:

Nasim Ahmadpour, Elias Aminian, Saeed Behnam, Sandra Bozic, Asghar Dashti, Aliakbar Firoozjang, Azade Ganje, Reza Ghayour, Amir Rad, Mehdi Sadr, Enrico Tomaselli.

In each section a single artwork will be selected and awarded with a “Golden Radical”, the special prize of the festival.